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Childcare Benefit Help Team 010 (hereinafter: Hulpteam toeslagen 010) helps those jeopardised.

Three thousand families in Rotterdam are facing problems after the Tax Authorities suddenly reclaimed the childcare benefits they received. For this reason, the municipal ombudsman and the municipality of Rotterdam joined hands to form the Hulpteam Toeslagen 010.

To this date, the unjustified reclaim leads to major financial worries, high debts and a lot of stress for these families. Many were wrongfully treated as fraudsters. This has not only affected parents, but their children are going through hard times as well.

It took years for the Tax Authorities to acknowledge their mistakes. Still, these mistakes have not been remedied. It is taking a long time. Too long for the 3,000 families. They need help right away.

That is what the Hulpteam Toeslagen 010 is for. The municipal ombudsman and the municipality of Rotterdam are working together to help these families now. The ombudsman would like people to seek contact to assess what needs to be done. The municipality will then offer help. Help with managing debts, help against stress and help to the children. The ombudsman will supervise to make sure all goes well. The aim is for everyone to have a better future again.

Are you a victim? You are not alone. Many people feel embarrassed, but there is no need for that. Seek help. Call the Hulpteam Toeslagen 010 at 0800 2345 888. This number is free of charge and so is the assistance provided by the Hulpteam.

Would you like to be in touch?
Call the Hulpteam Toeslagen 010 at 0800 2345 888 or go to this website: htt010.nl. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@htt010.nl.

Another option, of course, is to call the municipal ombudsman at 010 4111 600.

Is it difficult for you to tell your story in Dutch? Please ask a family member or friend to assist you.